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The questions on the following pages will ask you about where you live, your health, lifestyle, and how you feel about life. The answers you give are used to calculate your own personal score on the Happy Planet Index. How happy are you... and at what price to the environment?!

Data is collected anonymously and used for research.

The HPI Survey was developed by the New Economics Foundation (NEF) and has been modified for use in the Netherlands by Happy Planet Platform (HPP). NEF and HPP seek to ensure that information contained in these pages is accurate. However, no liability, or responsibility is accepted arising from reliance upon the information contained in these web pages or any other information accessed via this site or via links on this site to external sites.

For questions or suggestions concerning the survey contact Happy Planet Platform.

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Page 2 of 9: Where you live
1. What best describes your home?
2. With whom do you live?
3. Does that include a partner or spouse?
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Page 3 of 9: Your lifestyle
4. On a typical day, how do you get to work or wherever you study? Tick all that apply.
5. Roughly how many hours (in total) do you fly each year?
6. Which of the following best describes your diet?
7. How much have you spent in the last 12 months on 'stuff' such as electrical and electronic equipment, furniture, hardware, and jewellery (but not clothes)?
8. Do you smoke?
9. On average, how many times per week would you take 30 minutes or more of moderate exercise, such as brisk walking, cycling, sport, active recreation, or physical work – sufficient to cause you to breathe more deeply?
10. In the past 10 months, how often did you help with or attend activities organised in your local area?
11. And how often (in the past 12 months) did you get involved in work for voluntary or charitable organisations?
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Page 4 of 9: Green behaviour
12. How often do you take steps to conserve energy (buying energy-efficient bulbs and appliances, not leaving the television on standby, remembering to turn the lights off, etc.)?
13. And how high are your heating bills, compared to others who live in houses like yours?
14. How often do you recycle?
15. And how much waste do you produce, compared to similar households?
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Page 5 of 9: Your health and that of your family
16. How many of your grandparents reached, or have reached, 85 years old? (don't count those grandparents that are alive, but under 85)
17. How many occurrences of heart disease or cancer before the age of 50 in your family (including grandparents, parents, siblings, aunts and uncles, and yourself)?
18. And how many occurrences of obesity, diabetes or depression? (again, including grandparents, etc.)
19. How would you describe your health compared to people like you?
20. And how often do you find you feel stressed?
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Page 6 of 9: Your Body Mass Index
21. What is your BMI?
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Page 7 of 9: Your recent feelings
Below are a number of things people might say that they feel. Please choose the option that best describes how often during the past week each description would have applied to you?

1 = never
2 = at least once
3 = on a few days
4 = most days
5 = every day
22. I felt happy or contented
23. I felt depressed
24. I felt engaged or focused in what I was doing
25. I felt energised or lively
26. I felt lonely
27. I felt everything I did was an effort
28. My sleep was restless
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Page 8 of 9: General questions
Please read each of the following items carefully, thinking about how it relates to your life, and then indicate how true it is for you. Use the following scale to respond:

1 = not at all true
2 = ...
3 = ...
4 = somewhat true
5 = ...
6 = ...
7 = very true
29. I feel like I am free to decide for myself how to live my life
30. I really like the people I interact with
31. I feel pressured in my life
32. I pretty much keep to myself and don't have a lot of social contacts
33. I have been able to learn interesting new skills recently
34. Most days I feel a sense of accomplishment from what I do
35. In my life I do not get much of a chance to show how capable I am
36. People in my life care about me
37. I feel like I can pretty much be myself in my daily situations
38. All things considered, how satisfied would you say you are with your overall life these days? (0 = extremely dissatisfied ... 10 = extremely satisfied)
39. Which of these descriptions comes closest to how you feel about your household's income nowadays?
40. If you work or study, how often do you find your work... interesting?
41. If you work or study, how often do you find your work... stressful?
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Page 9 of 9: About you
43. Your gender
45. Which of these descriptions comes closest to your yearly household gross income?
46. How did you find out about this survey?
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