1. why?

Happy Planet Platform: working together to reach a higher Happy Planet Index.

Why is this a good idea?

HPP Icoon Vraagteken

1. You should know what progress is and how you measure it.
How do you know if you are doing the right thing?
If you are making progress? As an indivdual of as country.
By measuring what you want to achieve, you get focus and the possibility to learn what is effective and what is not effective.
You should measure what matters.

2. Progress is ‘being better able to live long, happy and sustainable lives’.
This is what the Happy Planet Index measures.
We believe that every person wants to live a long and happy live. Now and in the future. The Happy Planet Index measures if we live long, happy and sustainable. It is a more valuable indicator of progress than economic growth and deserves more attention and application.

3. Real change, you reach together.
If you want a higher Happy Planet Index, it is likely you need to change your lifestyle. Even small changes in your behaviour take effort to achieve. Changing your behaviour is easier when you get inspiration and support from others. Therefore, we bring people together with the same aspiration: a higher Happy Planet Index!
Ultimately we want a higher Happy Planet Index for the Netherlands as a whole. The more people join in the movement for a higher Happy Planet Index, the better. Are you in?

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