“The Happy Planet Platform is a great initiative – making the Happy Planet Index more relevant and accessible to a Dutch audience. Creating an inclusive platform that actively reaches out to lots of different people and interesting parties is both innovative and important. Keep up the great work!”

Nic Marks, well-being researcher, founder of the Happy Planet Index and Happiness Works

“Why can’t there be a Happy Planet Platform in every country? It is humbling to see such energetic and creative people developing and applying the ideas of the Happy Planet Index and so committed to taking us on a path to sustainable well-being. The Five Ways to Well-Being workshops in schools are a great innovation. The Happy Planet Platform gets the idea that good lives need not cost the Earth.”

Saamah Abdallah, senior researcher Well-being, New Economics Foundation

“The Happy Planet Index helps to see that we can live long and happily without burdening mother earth too much. Performance of The Netherlands can be improved by advancing health and happiness and by reducing our ecological footprint.”

Ruut Veenhoven, emeritus professor of ‘social conditions for happiness’ at Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam, director World Database of Happiness

“The Happy Planet Index and the work of Happy Planet Platform are very important as the model makes it clear that our striving for happiness and welfare should not go at the cost of other people and other countries. That is  why the role of the global Ecological Footprint in the HPI-model is so crucial, as the Footprint-model clearly indicates wich countries (on an average per capita) use (much) more or less  than a Fair Earth Share of the shrinking global bio-capacity for their own consumption.  It is important to communicate that happiness and welfare can grow without developing a large Footprint.”

Jan Juffermans, expert ecological footprint, Platform  Duurzame en Solidaire Economie & Werkgroep Voetafdruk Nederland